Data engine for the physical world

Change, happens every moment in the world

When you sip your first coffee in the morning, you wouldn't realize that farmers have begun to harvest northern wheat, California wildfires are spreading non-stop, cattle are enjoying early spring grass in the Pampas plateau.

Data, means insight. At TerraQuanta, with satellite remote sensing and deep learning, we bring planetary data to your desktop, pump up your business with data-driven decisions.

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Spatial Big Data + AI = Spatial Intelligence

Data acquisition is not the only point

By high performance cluster and novel AI technology,

we build a pipeline to analyze satellite data and extract information from every pixel,
so that you could have easy-to-interpret data for your business.

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Spatial intelligence comes in handy

We work hard every day, just trying to make your life easier

We accomplished some complicated and challenging goals,
from data acquisition, storage, analysis, processing and distribution,

so that you can focus on what you do at best, ignoring all the technical difficulties.

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master health, moisture and weather data from every cropland


manage risks for agriculture insurance, make data driven decisions in the commodity market


Gather insights for fire risks along power transmission lines


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Data drives better decisions

Unleash potential

spatial data updated everyday

Manage risk

let the data talk, instead of emotions

Reduce cost

greatly reduce labor cost during data acquisition

Maximize efficiency

precise data for precise decision

Uncover loopholes

discover hidden problems in daily business

Swift feedback

data delivered upon subscription

You may not realize that you need spatial data

We develop TerraQuanta data engine to make the world more transparent

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PB level satellite data
Deep learning
Insightful data

Over the decades, satellites have been telling the story about our planet, but the world is complicated. There are a lot of aspects we do not understand, from crop yields to wildfires, from floods to deforestation, those complicated processes impact the life of billions people, and bring uncertainties to businesses, no one likes uncertainties.

If we can build mathematical models about the world based on satellite data, we can reduce such uncertainty, build confidence for the future. This sounds like a crystal ball story, but this is what we are doing everyda